Friday, 14 August 2009


Gosh but it's been a long time. Sorry. It'll probably be a while longer before I get the hang of posting stuff plus new job, partly because NO PHOTOSHOP. I know. It's my excuse for why the picture of Alexa in a sumptuous Margaret Howell shirt (Is it denim?? It says silk/cotton. I'm going with yes) isn't descreened. It's from Vogue UK (I think the July issue, with Julianne Moore on the cover).
I love Margaret Howell. It's so English. Everything is perfectly thought through, from the typeface she uses (Gill, by Eric Gill, designed mid 20th Century), a really cool selection of books in the flagship store on Wigmore Street; I was going to say that I think her daughter is called Mildred, which is perfect, but she's actually called Miriam, which is still pretty good. My friend works there. And it holds its value particularly well on ebay, should you have the odd £200 lying around that this shirt undoubtedly costs.