Thursday, 30 April 2009


All images through Jak&Jil, and the jeans from my new favourite Hot Topic. These are pretty stunning, a combination of serious, almost sterile, medical metal panels and studs with blind puching and embossing. But the Givenchy clutches remind me of nothing so much as the accessories from Cyberdog in Camden Market. A slightly different price point.


Clockwise from left!
Herve Leger swimwear
Opening Ceremony dress
Alaia shoes
Body webs - yes, I too would walk quickly past these if I saw them in real life
Alexander Wang
Hot Topic (new favourite online jeans, very Adam Lambert from American Idol)

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I'm super-inspired by the BleachBlack website/blog at the moment. Their aesthetic is so perfectly right, with the combination of 1990's skater, edgy d.i.y. fashion and very Kate Lanphear-esque fetish couture.

What I particularly love is the road-hog hippy looks that are half Burning Man, half Hell's Angels, with lacing, fringing, studding and American classics mixed in. If anyone can persuade me towards cut-off denims and cowboy boots, it's them.

Legalise jeans from RVCA X Erin Wasson, bright red Frye boots, tank top customised by Bleach Black. The bags are from Sawgrass Blossom, and are making me revisit my desire for some handcrafted leather goods. In keeping with my current trends being inspired by trashy TV (stay tuned for the American Idol reference tomorrow), I think this look is all about Rock of Love.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


My new favourite ebay store: indie cult vintage. Great diagonal panelled jeans, similar to the Never Denim lightening bolt jeans, and super cool idea for studding on jeans, reminds me of Alexander Wang-style understated extremes.

Monday, 27 April 2009


I found these paintings by Raymond Pettibon at the end of last week, in my naivete tried to find a print or poster, only to find out he's a. pretty famous; b. pretty cool; and therefore c. no way was i getting my grubby little paws on a print - unless someone has $5000 they would like to share with me.

I love surf brands and surf movies in particular - a very cool, distinct sense of style that is definitely coming back into play with the return of all things 1990's. I think we'll see a combination of the 1960's original surf aesthetic, plus the harder edged, more 'fetish' side of surf style, with rips, studs, seams, check, bandanas and printed cotton jersey - and hopefully less of the funky fish graphics.

With perfect synchronicity, the Raymond Pettibon pictures are accompanied by shots from Hedi Slimane that I found this morning.

 Raymond Pettibon, Untitled (A Sea of Grinding Tectonic Plates…)

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2009-03-08 _


Cute acid wash denim biker. Pixie Market.

Saturday, 25 April 2009


Friday, 24 April 2009


Levi's Vintage Clothing have remade 3 early 20th Century workshirts for SS09. There is a 1907 Sunset workshirt with a shrunken left chest pocket and pullover/henley 1/2 button through front. There's also a 1902 Sunset striped shirt - the original was found in a mine in the West. Made in a soft, striped brushed cotton fabric, with a hidden button down collar. It also has the small left chest pocket that was used by several brands at that time. Finally a reproduction of a Levi's Make, 1910 Chambray shirt. Repeattofade says the original was found in a bunkhouse in Sierra Nevada. It had started out black, now it was worn, faded and torn. It has a hidden button-down collar and is kept in style by a Levi's arcuate on the back yoke. The original vintage shirt picture is from e-workers, as are the detail shots of the chambray shirt, which suggest that the original shirt that LVC have recreated had authentic wash scratching on the elbows, fraying at the seams, and some printing on the back.
They all have the strange mini pocket on the left chest, and the pattern image, from Unsung Sewing Patterns, is from the 1920's, so the mini pocket was clearly quite the thing for the dashing scout-about-town. I particularly love the collar stand with the button across fastening on the Levi's shirts. And of course the box! It's a piece that looks definitively vintage, harder to wear than a western denim shirt I would think, as it's slightly smock-like.


The new acid washes are all about creating texture, almost like white paint and plaster have been applied to the surface of the denim, then cracked and scraped off. It can be very decorative, almost rococo. Would be interesting to see it created with a bleach print, or white pigment treatment, rather than the flatter results from the laundry.

Thursday, 23 April 2009


I'm not 100%, but I think that the double peak on the pocket is the Sawtooth, so that's what I'm going with. Images from e-workers.


Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Ramones. Suzi Quattro. Black leather. Silver studs. Blue denim. Black denim. Blue suede.