Friday, 30 January 2009


I've been trawling the sale rails with my no money, and I found this on the Built by Wendy site ( BBW is one of those brands that makes me feel like its my private discovery, as I don't think you can get it anywhere in the UK, and the two stores I have found, one in Williamsburg and one in San Francisco, I stumbled upon by accident. This makes me not only love it, but also sort of trust what they do (you know, if they can manage to put themselves in the way of my stumblings not once but twice, then they must be cool...).

All of which has made me re-think my feelings towards marbled jeans. We've been talking about them a lot for the next couple of seasons - AW09, SS10 etc. Those Jil Sander marbled suits were pretty striking, and that kind of thing tends to shift people's eyes. Also, there's nothing some people won't wear to look cool. And most importantly, after years of jeans with minimal texture, achieving some kind of texture/colour/pattern on the leg looks right. Tints & acid washes combined with shorter vertical slubs are already moving into the mainstream.

But, I think this is the first time I've seen this kind of wash and thought that I actually might like to wear it...

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