Thursday, 29 January 2009


My friend Hiro told me about Kapital about 6 months ago, a glaring hole in my denim knowledge which I have been trying to fill ever since by mooning through all their collections (and avoiding figuring out the exchange rate between sterling and yen). I love the Navajo-style elements of their SS09 collection.

We've been talking a lot in the studio about various American artisan textiles & techniques making a comeback. My colleagues are bored to death with me naming my concepts Puritan. But from Amish needlework and quiltmaking, Chicken scratch embroidery and bobbin laces to the Western through to New Mexican blankets, patterns, turquoise and beading, it's definitely feeling right.

Chalk Farm market with my Mum in the mid-1980's almost did suede fringing for me for good, but moccasins are everywhere in London, and suede fringed bags just feel like something the cooler older girl at school had when you were young.


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