Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I'm pretty sure that this was called snowwash when I was a kid, and I'm remembering some sort of jacket and jeans ensemble, but that might be a misplaced memory. It's certainly possible, my mum did dress me in some pretty crazy things (I come from a long line of denim designers). With that history, it's surprising that I'm not an early-uptaker on every denim whim that happens past, but I've been looking at Cheap Monday acid wash jeans for a good year now, and, no. But the shade texture of acid wash jeans is beginning, belatedly to appeal, although TopShop had a pair of mid blue 'chipped' denim Eve jeans a couple of weeks ago(which I can't find on their website), which looked vintage in a much cooler way. The denim was far too thick for me to want to try them on, so to date I remain untouched by scary denim.

As is the way with trends, acid wash is actually going to be around for much longer than a one-season wonder, as designers work through the best way to make it appeal. And these pictures from the Levi's Blue F/W2009 lookbook have wormed their way in to my thoughts.

Left, mid right, Levi's Blue (source, Neighbour)
Mid left, Top Shop
Far right, Cheap Monday

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  1. I'd like to think that I have an open mind. I mean, I still think that bell bottoms are cool! But I don't know about this trend...

    The acid wash look was very popular during my high school years (class of 89'). However, as far as my current tastes are concerned, acid washed jeans are very much like the mullet hairstyle; neither will ever be fashionable again--YUK!!

    But then again, there's a fresh new crop of teens and twenty-somethings in the consumer market. It's going to be interesting to see whether or not the look becomes apart of popular culture again.