Friday, 27 February 2009


Of course American and British style are intimately linked when you start talking about Ivy League style. I should note here that really, American workwear is a separate thing to the Ivy League side of things, rather than being one big melting pot as I've been implying over recent posts. I guess it's town v. country, but also upper class v. working class.

But in essence, there is a crossover between styles of dress, British versus American outdoor brands and indoor brands, and the idea of elite pursuits and workwear dressing.

I kind of love that knickerbockers and shooting garments are being re-appropriated for Manhattan bicycle polo, (from Intersection magazine), country to town. Check out these from Bicycle Fixation through Archival Clothing. And elite British brands such as Barbour, Brady bags etc.have their American counterparts grounded in a more working man's tradition.

As for the trappings of British & American traditional class and style, this Ivy League and Savile Row trend is certainly to blame for all the boaters, bowler & top hats currently doing the roungs of all the fashion shoots.

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