Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Yes please.

I love faded denim & chambray shirts. I can't stand the 'women's' versions, with shaping darts and wire in the hems to give scrunch and shape. A denim shirt should be nostalgic in the best way, soft, pale, frayed hems, irresistible.

What details to have? Pearl snaps? Round or diamond shape? Creamy vintage shell 4-hole buttons? White plastic trendy buttons? Pockets... Back yoke...

Polaroid details:
Two images on the left from Levi's Vintage Clothing reproduction of a 1907 Sunset Chambray shirt.
The far right image is from a picture of a 1907 Sunset Chambray shirt, via repeattofade
The middle right image is a 1955 Sawtooth denim shirt, also via repeattofade
Mood images:
Images on the left, from Levi's Vintage Clothing lookbook via repeattofade
Image on the right, from Tim Walker's sketchbooks: Tim Walker

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