Monday, 2 February 2009


New photos from the Current/Elliott Resort 09 collection, which looks totally gorgeous, and even persuades me towards cropped bootcuts (terrifying thought). Current/Elliott are so super successful at the moment that I hope their aesthetic pushes the premium market into a more exciting fashion direction.

Having worked for a premium brand, my first instinct is to be horrendously jealous of other people's success. I've spend the last 6 months grumbling about pictures of Katie Holmes in Current/Elliott cuffed ripped jeans (like no one knew how to wear jeans until celebrities showed us how). I'm also cynical about pictures of celebrities in jeans to the point where it just sucks the joy out of looking at gossip magazines for everyone within a 50 metre radius of me.

But my wizened heart has been won round by these pictures. It's lovely to have a jeans brand with a strong combination of fashion, femininity and vintage style. They obviously know who they are and to create such a beautiful bubble of images to convey that sensibility is not an easy job. They also seem to be trying to create something more than jeans which exist in the handbag/luxury flat shoes/sunglasses/make your bum look cute axis, which, thank god.

So, I'd like a pair of the Victorian bloomer style chambray jeans please!

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