Monday, 9 February 2009


Indigo Slims is a pretty new thing for me, as is the world of blogging in general. The discipline of researching ongoing feeds is expanding my reading, sources, brain and credit card bill exponentially. But I lose most of my time reading other people's amazing blogs, following their links to the next thing, and generally procrastinating.

I'm trying to keep a record of what blogs are good for what in the world of denim
and design without turning into a total blog junkie, but inevitably there are those that become the daily read (do these people never sleep? where does all this stuff come from?). For all of these, the ever-increasing list on the right...

But, daily heroes of the blogroll:
Managing the trifecta of being the daily denim dish, plus giving me a couple of great new denim blogs on which to fritter away my days in their 'Blogs to Watch' post, plus mentioning Indigo Slims is Denim Hunt. Genius. Did I say they mentioned Indigo Slims?

From the UK,
denimology practises the illegally addictive habit of posting picutres of celebrities in jeans. It's like denim crack. And once I figure out how to use the mysterious interweb that's not constructed by blogspot, I will be posting denim fashion updates for them.

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