Thursday, 12 February 2009


This is a truly gorgeous rendering of classic style. (It's the F/W2009 Dockers catalogue, done by Neighbour.) It's the kind of thing that people like me are saying a lot at the moment, but Levi's, Dockers and other classic brands are a point of refuge in the storm in our imaginations. Afer a few years of a profusion of the new in denim brands, thoughts turn to heritage, tradition, integrity, the iconic. By synchronicity or design, or more probably the elusive 'mood' and 'rightness' that trend forecasters specialising in pinning down, there is also a massive upsurge in Americana and men's trad dressing, and I'm busy storing bits and bobs away for this.

This lookbook brings together trad, Americana and the history of a classic brand in images without irony. The Dockers aesthetic isn't too far away from the uber-trendy Band of Outsiders, who manage to do style with irony and still make sincerely great things. But if you can look cool in a pair of Dockers, I reckon you win.

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