Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Gosh, that's a whole lot of credibility for one pair of jeans to bear.

Full article + interviews about the collaboration between a denim store, a jeans brand and the rabid forum users of supertalk_superdenim on Coolhunting. I think it's pretty cool that they managed to get their own denim made - there's probably a big stack of rolls somewhere that they need to use up. 300 pairs isn't going to keep the looms running... It's pretty smart developing a product that you have an in-built customer base for, who feel ownership already. A good way to start a new brand that has a lot of people vested in its success and convinced of it's integrity.

Selfedge is a shop in San Francisco that I stumbled on when I was there in October, having not heard anything about it before. This makes me think a) it's very cool because I found it rather than being told it was the in place, and b) I'm very cool for finding it. Anyway, aside from my brilliance, I loved the unwashed denim Flat Head and Iron Heart shirts but my favourite thing was the 21ozs denim jeans they have in store. I've seen outscale twill denim before (I want to say Nisshinbo?), but never a 21ozs in jeans. Very cool.

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