Monday, 23 February 2009


I secretly love Twenty8Twelve jeans. No, I have no pride. I would prefer it if people in the public eye didn't pretend that they did all the work, keeping the designers hidden in the cellar with only thread and pincushions for nourishment. (From what I hear, Victoria does more than most on her jeans, and Savannah does the knitwear for this line. Happy to pass on unsubstantiated rumours!)
But I can see the huge benefit for a company in having an immediate connection with a possible audience rather than having to establish a brand in the public imagination, and having a 'lifestyle' proposition already created for you that people can identify with and buy into. Much time saved and a direct framework to create within and speak through. Might not be right, but certainly effective.

And with Twenty8Twelve they had some really stunning detailing, feminine and classic touches and great ideas. The stud rivets were a great idea, lovely welt pockets, stand-out full leg zips & buttons, cool leather belt loops. Needless to say, I couldn't get into the jeans, as they were a long way away from stretch although the denim was lovely to look at.

Love these though. Denim with no detailing, no pockets, possibly even a jegging. Look really cute. When will we tire of skinnies?

If you're interested, full collection at

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