Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I love the weird 'art' jeans that pop up occasionally, and I am always impressed at the boys who wear them. The mega outscale Levi's red pieces from a couple of years ago have led me to think of these pieces as cartoon denim. It's probably one of the defining aesthetics of Evisu, and it's kind of hip hop too I guess. It's also pretty much what Levi's Red do, and were doing before Cassette Playa/Henry Holland haute neon happened. And now Marc Jacobs AW09 has happened upon the happy, creative, baggy and bright feel, so this streetwear trend has definitely tipped over into world domination.

This new collaboration between Levi's Japan and Kaws/Original Fake picks up on some of the defining features of this, my own private genre. Strong red, white & blue colour combinations. Quirky, plasticated details. Digital art & illustration. And as you seek, so you shall find. The Cassette 'Navaho' jean from a few months ago (on the right) has a very similar feel.


  1. "Cartoon denim" is actually a pretty spot-on description of these experimental denim styles. I used to like the Levi's Red pieces from a couple of years ago; the ones with the exaggerated curvy legs and slanted pockets.

  2. yeah - those are the ones i'm trying to find pictures of!...