Thursday, 26 March 2009


The longer I have been writing and posting about denim, the more denim I find myself wearing. Given that I wore denim most days anyway, that's a lot. I was at a party last summer, dressed as a hippie (fancy dress), and someone said 'I don't mean to be rude, but do you actually have that much denim in your wardrobe'. I was in flares, a denim shirt and a denim waistcoat at the time. I took the bus to Clapton dressed like this you understand.
It's got to the stage where pretty much the only things I contemplate buying are denim-based, and my planned summer purchases are no exception. What I really want is a denim dress. I have been mooning over the girl in the picture from The Sartorialist in that great full-skirted, button through dress. This Diesel one is the closest thing I can find at the moment, but it's not totally there. And although I want everything from the Imogene + Willie collection (shirt, dry jeans, amazing washed jeans), I want the adorable chambray smock the most. I am picturing myself at the festival I'm going to in July (I'm forward planning), and I'm clearly in top to toe denim again. And the answer is yes, I really do have that much denim in my wardrobe.

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