Sunday, 29 March 2009


My Dad things he looks like James Dean in this picture. He was so keen that I post the picture that he's very sweetly scanned it in on his home fax machine. He was kind enough to throw in this one of my Mum, but he's more impressed with himself. I'm going to go through the family albums and select some choice pictures of 1970s denim courtesy of my stylish parents and scan them in slightly better. I think these two give you the flavour of what's to come. You could look nothing less than stylish in denim, no matter when the photo was taken.
For Porsche enthusiasts, its a 911E from 1970.


  1. Ha ha ha....these photos are priceless!!! I very much look forward to seeing more. Your dad reminds me of myself with the whole "narcissism" thing--ha ha ha, but that's men for'ya!

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