Thursday, 5 March 2009


Love these bandanas. As with the buttons from e-workers, I think these are replicas rather than originals, but that's almost better as you'll get the stiff printed cotton and they'll have that slightly inky smell and coarse feeling. Of course you'll fold them and tie them, and they'll age along the creases and soften into something that feels like chamois. I haven't seen anyone selling bandanas for a while either, which either means I don't get out enough, or they're ripe for a revival.

They are from originals of:
Joe McCoy 8 Hour Union
HD Lee
Wolverine Work Glove
OshKosh B'gosh
Hamilton Carhartt


  1. was going to post something on mine today about bandanas... but these are tough to beat. found some old orvis b's on ebay today good stuff

  2. they're wonderful. you can never have enough posts about bandanas - it's how revolutions are started.

  3. these bandanas are not replicas, they are from takashi tateno's collection. he only produces what you find when you click on "store" in the headings on his website ( all of the other garments and ephemera that you'll find on takashi's site are used as reference material for his productions which are excellent and highly recommended.

    1. What is the red lee jeans bandanna with the cities on it worth?

    2. What is the red lee jeans bandanna with the cities on it worth?