Friday, 17 April 2009


I succumbed to the lure of the shops yesterday, and bought my first pair of jeans since i started writing about denim. I also bought a fine blue oxford smock shirt from the Steven Alan range at Uniqlo, which looks very nice with my new jeans. (It also looks a darn sight better than the picture of it. Very Margaret Howell, especially the white plastic buttons.) I am proudly wearing the spoils today. I shall be looking very dashing in the pub this evening in this attire as well. The jeans are not made from Japanese denim, and they are not long-lasting, investment-denim beauties. But they were £34.99 and they have seams down the front and back legs, which, along with visible button flies and elasticated hems, is my personal denim heroin. They are also printed, fasten at the back (a little strange to get used to, especially without the aid of a mirror), and have a very cheap wash effect on them that Australian friend pointed out when I triumphantly tried them on last night, somewhat bursting my bubble. I shall be addressing with recourse to sandpaper. River Island has named these beauties 'treggings'.
If you too think I'm super stylish and would like to know more, I will be pairing the jeans with my ankle height cowboy/vintage boots, still available on sale from Office. Oh don't worry, they were on sale when I bought them too, and had an extra £5 off because they had a mark on them. I don't have posh denim smugness, but I definitely have British high street smugness. Familiar to all of us with access to the shops, this results in any compliment on your outfit being greeted by 'thanks. Fifteen quid. New Look.' in the absolute certainty that the complimenter wanted to know price and shop, rather than just telling you that you looked nice.

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