Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I'm super-inspired by the BleachBlack website/blog at the moment. Their aesthetic is so perfectly right, with the combination of 1990's skater, edgy d.i.y. fashion and very Kate Lanphear-esque fetish couture.

What I particularly love is the road-hog hippy looks that are half Burning Man, half Hell's Angels, with lacing, fringing, studding and American classics mixed in. If anyone can persuade me towards cut-off denims and cowboy boots, it's them.

Legalise jeans from RVCA X Erin Wasson, bright red Frye boots, tank top customised by Bleach Black. The bags are from Sawgrass Blossom, and are making me revisit my desire for some handcrafted leather goods. In keeping with my current trends being inspired by trashy TV (stay tuned for the American Idol reference tomorrow), I think this look is all about Rock of Love.

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  1. That fringed beaded/embroidered bag is GORGEOUS! been looking for one forever! fab find