Wednesday, 15 April 2009


I used to hate Ksubi, with that combination of envy and hatred that always signals that I'll actually end up loving something, but I need to get over myself first. Ksubi in particular inspired a kind of irritated jealously that can only come from friends of people you sort of know doing something that you think you could do, but perhaps doing it better (in the end), although definitely doing it much worse at first, but everyone still thinking it's cool. They first launched when I was living in Sydney, and I don't think I'm saying anything too sacrilegeous by saying that the denim they used was crap. Their wide leg, pin tuck jeans were kind of crap too. And they were friends of someone who worked with my friend. Annoying. But they were, and continue to be, super super cool. And really, if you're going to buy the jeans with the mega-ladders, you're going to feel much cooler if they're Ksubi than if they're an LA premium brand. That's the magic.
This is their Southern Hemisphere SS09/10 women's collection, although the black lace jeans are definitely already in circulation, so I can't work out what's available when.

Three new styles:
'The 'Bikette' jean is a stretch jean, which was designed with direct inspiration from the motorbike pant panelling with added panelled and curves. The 'Stirrup' jean is a mid-rise jean with no side seam. The fit is super slim with Achilles zips and stirrups. The final new style is the 'Bowie' jean, which is made in the classic Ksubi spray-on fit but with panelling so that the jean is wearable in leather.'
Source: The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes

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