Monday, 13 April 2009


The PRPS dirty, stained authentic washing has been so inspirational, and at Bread & Butter this Spring there were lots of brands with their take on this wash. As a counterpoint to the serious fashion washes out there - the acid, mineral marbled textures and the bleach splattered jeans - worn washes are getting more and more antique. Picking up on the 1890's - 1920's jeans discovered in mines with sunfaded creases, dusted tints, serious staining and rust and oil patches, the 'authentic' washes are looking more heritage, and the shapes that go with them are also more heritage - baggier, shorter 7/8 lengths with longer rises and more workwear details.

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  1. Good post; and an important one!

    Until I learn of a laundry/processing facility that does authentic-looking vintage washing, I'm only going to offer raw denim. Unlike most "raw denim heads", I'm not opposed to pre-washes in general...just the bad ones!

    PRPS has some pieces that genuinely look vintage. That should always be the goal in my opinion.