Tuesday, 12 May 2009


I think it's probably clear by now that Australia has a large piece of my heart. It's strange, because when I lived in Sydney I really struggled to adjust to the different pace, and for the longest while I felt that I had lost my sources of inspiration. What eventually happened was that I started relying less on what I encountered and more on going out and taking photos and that kind of thing. I discovered lomos (pretty chuffed about that, thought I was pretty cool), and as a result have some lovely Holga polaroid shots of the Northern beaches which are amongst my most treasured possessions. I always associate Syndey with the 'analogue' camera aesthetic - low key, edgy, heightened colour/blue overtoned, beaten up camper van kind of thing. While we're talking about it, I'd love to be able to surf, but it's never going to happen. Also, surfwear, whilst super cool, looks really really bad when worn in North London.

All of this leads me to the admission that I'm totally in love with Loversland blog. I don't care if they were sponsored to have a good time. I'm not even jealous. I am in awe.

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