Thursday, 21 May 2009


Hello readers from the denim industry!
I have a favour to ask.
Indigo Slims has never been about what I do everyday, it's a purely creative outlet to catch the overflow from the everyday.

But, I thought that it might be interesting to inlcude a little of what I'm working on, and ask for some information in return.

The 'what I'm working on' means, for the purposes of this, a denim line that I'm developing with my very talented mother. And by denim I mean denim fabric, not jeans. For me, it's one of the most rewarding things I do, working with a niche denim mill and developing the fabrics in line with trend, fibre innovations, new finishes, yarn counts, slub lengths, new shades, coatings, I could go on! You get to learn, you have to really anticipate the market, you get to impact on someone's business in a very real way, you have to know your shit.

My mum has 'previous' with mills in India. 12 or so years ago she joined Arvind Mills, and took them from a mill that sold within India to the international behemoth they are today. Similarly, 6 or 7 years ago, she did the same with Raymond Denim.

Well, our lovely niche denim mill wants me to help bring their denims to a wider audience. Specifically the USA, but as I'm based in London, I'll detour to the UK if anyone's interested! (Also, happy to go to nice cities - I'd love a few days in Stockholm/Copenhagan/Oslo/somewhere in Italy perhaps - it's summer soon - but the main focus is the US.)

So, to all the industry lurkers on Indigo Slims, I'd love the opportunity to come and show you the denim line we've built. There are some CRACKING denims. The mill is in India, and I say niche as it's not a leviathan in terms of production (25 million metres a year). Price is good - not bargain basement, but not Japanese prices. I've said it before and I'll say again, I'm not a denim snob. I've designed jeans with denims from Italy, Turkey, Japan, Pakisatan, Hong Kong. The point is the passion of the mill and the developer. We all know denim has a personality, and that comes from the man at the loom, not the country the loom is in.

So, my e-mail's at the top left of the blog - just click on the 'VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE' , contact/email and give me your company details if you want to see a great new denim collection, and AW10/11 denims & trend presentation can be yours, and a trip to the US can be mine.

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