Sunday, 3 May 2009


Seams and panels. Diagonals and cut outs. Cut outs and seams. Seams and Diagonals. Oh, I could go on. Seams and denim together are made in heaven, no other fabric behaves in the same way when stitched to itself. The seam movement and indigo fading... In a previous incarnation, the brand I worked with actually washed the panels of denim before cutting and sewing, to try and get a super clean finish in amazing traditional tailored pieces made out of denim. Not many factories would do it, and the wastage, well, let's just close our eyes to that. This styling should achieve the exact opposite; a kind of retro futuristic geometric feel, it's denim as fashion rather than denim as heritage. Panelled jeans: Indie Cult Vintage
Lightening bolt jeans: Never Denim Cutout dresses: stylestalker Panelled denim skirt: Current Elliott

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