Wednesday, 27 May 2009


I've just received a timely e-mail from Superfine with their men's & women's AW09 collections. This is much appreciated as:
a. Superfine's images are always stunning, and this season continues their thing of scoring an amazing model and making them look like they were always Superfine girls. This season uses Irina Lazareanu being all casual, edgy and semi-naked. No cigarettes although Superfine are never shy of using 'smoking is cool' iconography. (I don't disagree, I'm just glossing the pics.)

b. I've been super-busy lately, and haven't had much time to devise exciting posts.
c. It makes me feel really important when people e-mail me stuff, even though:
d. I only post it unless I am interested in it. If I'm going to shill stuff for people, then I require free gifts at the very least, e-mails won't do.

Having said that, if I like it, you only need do the bare minimum to get me to post it. The e-mail with the the Superfine AW09 collection images was totally blank, just the attachements. I figured out from the e-mail address they were from Superfine's PR - Hi Neil! Perhaps we'll work up to a word-based relationship. In the meantime, thank you.

I'll put 1/2 today, 1/2 tomorrow, and the men's after that.

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