Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Just received a note about a film about jeans. I'll let you decide whether it sounds like a Saturday night date movie:
"A new documentary, BLUE GOLD, follows the fascinating story of the blue jean, a truly American icon that has evolved into a global phenomenon. This historic journey that begins in rural Nevada more than 130 years ago when the jean was a miner’s solution to a working man’s pant, travels throughout the US, all the way to a denim auction in Yokohama, Japan. Speaking with collector’s, dealers, designers, legends and historians, this unique film creates the narrative for the behind-the-scenes players in this subculture. The relentless search for vintage jeans is a continued source of inspiration for high-end designers and brands as well as for collectors all over the world. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Japan, where an estimated 80% of all vintage denim resides today, along with the original Levi’s shuttle looms discarded by American factories after World War II. Japanese fascination and adaptation of Americana is hugely responsible for having generated the current interest in vintage jeans.
BLUE GOLD is a positive film about the global love for American blue jeans. The images and the myth that made the world fall in love with the original American hero, the cowboy, the rebel, and the frontier. The structure of the film is the intersection of the history of blue jeans as the ultimate symbol of Americana, the global underground network of vintage dealers keeping the dream alive, and the high-end fashion industry and pop culture."

You can watch the trailer here:
Blue Gold The Movie

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