Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Current/Elliott are launching a new/sub-brand for Autumn, 'Deadstock'. The idea is that they take inspiration from deadstock denim shapes & fabrics from the 50's, 60's & 70's, but with a slightly more modern fit (those small waists can be a bit challenging for buying real vintage. As with true deadstock jeans, the cuts and denim will be sharper, cleaner and more truly retro. It is 'cleaned up' with a 'preserved feel'. “While Deadstock doesn’t have the same look as the main collection, it has the same supersoft feel.” Elliott explains, “[Real] deadstock is a little stiff and sometimes not as flattering on the body…We cheated a bit.”

The collection features both a women's and men's line made from Japanese denim and comes in three washes, One Wash (dark), Classic (indigo) and True Blue (faded). There will be 10 women's styles (skinny, wide legged & boyfriend), and 6 men's styles. I have seen one piece in Barneys NYC, and it looked good. Given the saturation of Current/Elliot pieces in boutiques, it's a smart way to get even more product into the stores.

Also, prices are a tiny bit lower than the main collection, wholesaling from “$58 for a vest to $90 for a shrunken jean jacket” versus “$72 to $226.” “By nature, Deadstock is less expensive because the washes aren’t as difficult.”

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