Friday, 12 June 2009


I feel like I’ve seen so many scary jeans lately. Not scary as in bad, scary as in ‘face down the bus driver, I promise I don’t feel like a twat in these’ jeans. Super cool, but not necessarily suitable for every occasion.

All this exposure to the fashion future of jeans has made me long for nice, easy, blue denim. It's always easier to pick up on the extreme, and get excited by the new. I flip between being someone who secretly wants a pair of mega-ripped jeans to go with my horizontal stripe mohair knit grunge jumper (which I don’t have yet), and the girl who bought a pair of slightly carrot-fit chinos yesterday from H&M, and is wearing them with a blue shirt. As in, am I willing to dress crazy, or do I just end up dressed like a Gap commercial?

So, there'll be two days of Summer shopping, and day one will be nice, blue, classic, chic. Day two, well still nice, but perhaps not suitable for Sunday lunch with the in-laws. And it's not warm yet in England, so apart from a couple of pairs of shorts, I'm definitely not at the stage where I understand the purpose of a denim mini skirt.

Not for real people, but so sexy & cool. Acne.
I just want to find a great denim shirt. I don't think it exists. This looks close. Acne.
Should be worn cuffed. Acne.
I've been looking at these for a few months now, and I finally think I love them. Acne.
Always! Current/Elliott.
The H&M Squin fit in rigid denim (i.e. not stretch) has this kind of fit, but H&M doesn't do photos, so this is the expensive version. Current/Elliott.
I am not sure whether these are kinda tacky, but I think I love them. Anything that makes me think of 1960's San Francisco wins. Goldsign.
Little bit of a cheap-looking wash on the whiskers and the honeycomb perhaps? Current/Elliott.


  1. I like the jeans in the last photo; the pocket size and placement looks spot on! But that's just me--I tend ot prefer a larger and lower placed back pocket.

    However, the Goldsigns have the best (most authentic looking) wash of the jeans featured. The whiskering specifically look really nice.

  2. Oops (correction):

    The whiskering specifically *looks* really nice.