Thursday, 29 January 2009


I re-read The Outsiders at Christmas which made me want to find some pictures.

It was hard picking out the best ones/the ones where there wasn't something weird going on with Tom Cruise's lip.

I forgot how much the film was all about the denim. Each character has their own denim outfit, Ponyboy has the western denim jacket & jeans, Tom Cruise has that insane denim gilet & jeans, Patrick Swayze's in the chambray muscle shirt & jeans, and the leg lengths look super cool. The aesthetic of 1960's denim done in the 1980's is so great.

Stay gold, Pony.

I'm going to hunt out some denim gilet fashion images and see if I can put something together.

Pictures from The,

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  1. I personally love this book! We had to read this in jr. high, and I loved all the characters in it, especially johnny! Johnnycake is such a sweety, i'm sad he died, but if he didn't, there would be no story. Looove it!