Thursday, 29 January 2009


Wrangler is one of my favourite brands. Broken twill is the best. That Wrangler blue. The leather patch on the back pocket. I know exactly what it is and what it should be.

I loved these ads for AW08. Not sure about the idea of repositioning through 'instinct and emotion'; how about repositioning by being kick ass? But these pictures are supercool. I can't claim credit for realising what it was about them that struck me - thank you Kate - but they are totally like Ryan McGinley's pictures.

They weren't shot by him, they were done by a French agency, FFL Paris. Pretty sure they knew what they were doing. Even the we are animals tagline sounds inspired by the nests that McGinley, Colen & Snow build in New York galleries. But hey, getting down with the kids and all that.

I also can't claim to have discovered Ryan McGinley way back when. I read this brilliant article about him and Dash Snow and Dan Colen in 2007 and it's one of those things that's immediately and intensely compelling. I mean, you pretty much hate them. Cool. Creating a movement. Not a million miles away from unbelievably pretentious. Talented in a way that just digs into your imagination. So, jealous of course.

Wrangler campaign info:

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