Friday, 20 March 2009


I adore denim shirts.

This is a picture to stop hearts. Don't listen to those currently decrying the return of double denim, as I can think of nothing sexier than a denim shirt and jeans.

I am fascinated by all the different choices in pocket shape, yoke, snaps/buttons, especially because I think 'new' and 'designed' denim shirts are pretty much without exception disgusting. It seems to me that the whole point of denim shirts is that they are based on an existing vintage denim shirt, either all or in part. I have therefore set myself a project to find lots of different pictures of denim shirt pockets, cuffs, plackets, washes etc. and I'll publish the results here over the next week or so. Stick around, it's all thrills.

Steve McQueen photographed by William Claxton. Source, Jake Davis

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  1. I'm more a fan of denim jackets than denim shirts. But I'm definitely going to stick around to see what you find. Who knows; you may just convert me!