Thursday, 19 March 2009


I love vintage shopping, but probably a bit less than I should. I think I like the idea more than I like the pressure of finding the one amazing thing. I always end up wanting what the person next to me has found, and there is always the suspicion that there is a bigger, better vintage warehouse that people in the know are rifling through, while I am rummaging through the stuff that has already been triple-filtered to remove all the good bits.

So the idea of a store where all the good bits end up, and a store that is styled to look like an enticing emporium without the damp, limp check shirts and the vintage smell, well - my kind of shop. And, darling, they all go there apparently - Ralph, Tom. I think that the RRL stores use Melissa Howard and her stock to supply the vintage pieces they mix in with their reconstructions. In short it sounds, and looks, pretty amazing.

Stock Vintage
143 E. 13th St.

Source: Urban Daddy

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