Tuesday, 3 March 2009


The 'lightening' of denim after the seemingly endless parade of dark denim over the past five years is such an interesting thing to try and unpick. There is a theory that holds in trend that a 'cycle' will last for 5 years, which as with all rules has examples that uphold it and are the exception to it.

We've had dark. So, in the way of things, this must change. But we can't wash it in a whiskered and faded way, because that's what they're still shipping a gazillion units a week of over at Seven For All Mankind/Macy's. Not cool. We can acid wash it and marble wash it, but it's quite a niche fashion look - it's never going to ship a gazillion units a week in Macy's. (Although the acid wash might, I saw a girl from Gossip Girl in a pair, with a pea coat - looked super cool, and it's a really cracking contrast with the preppy stuff).

Anyway, last summer (SS08) there were a few faded flares & wide legs & high rises, but the time wasn't right yet. Now we are seeing lots of different ways to style the faded, bleached denim, and on top of that, it feels discreet, soft, comforting, gentle. 'Depressionista' in the best way. Mixes beautifully with vintage lingerie style camis, zip shirts, and the 1920's/1980's shapes. Creates a great contrast with leather (dark denim and black leather - no thank you).

All these Sass and Bide cuts look right in pale denim - a sure sign the wash is working.

I have had a couple of people say to me that given the current economic times, people will want clean dark denim as it's the most versatile, can go from weekend to work easily, and looks pristine and new for longer. I don't disagree, but there's definitely room for both.

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