Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Siwy tie-dyed crop & Gio Goi bleached acid wash skinny

Asos own-brand track pant jean & Levi faded cuffed skinny slouchMcQueen capri & Wrangler bell-bottom
Siwy sequin jeans & Asos own-brand jegging

So I haven't been doing as much work today as maybe I should, because I have been looking at pictures of jeans on asos. (I like how that sounds like I've never looked at jeans on websites before. I do it practically every day.)

I'm pretty happy with my jeans at the moment. I've just ripped the knee of a pair of faded black ankle skimmers, and I'm wearing them with a small cuff. I've got a great pair of black dropped crotch Levi's Blue trouser jeans and I'm forcing myself to wear my high rise, wide leg 18th Amendment jeans because they were very expensive and I'm going to get good wear out of them if it kills me. They make me feel a bit mumsy, but that's my general problem with wide leg and flared jeans. However, I think they look pretty cool with a denim shirt. When it finally gets warm, I will be wearing my Current/Elliott Chambray bloomers, and trying not to look like I've just escaped from a women's prison.

But there's happy, and then there's lots of exciting new jeans out there. There's a calibration that goes on whenever I look at pictures of people in jeans on websites. Firstly of course I figure out whether I like the jean, but there are styles and washes that I won't even notice, let alone linger over, before rejecting them. It's the magic shopping equation of 'do I like it + will it fit me + will I look totally ridiculous and/or fat + is it the right version of this jean + does it look cool or dated + is it going to transform my wardrobe and my life in some mystical way'.
Yeah, it's a tough qualification process. These are the winners that made it through.

1. Definitely need some bleached/tie-dyed/acid washed affair. Mentally checking if I have a pair of jeans I could attempt this with rather than buying a pair. I think these Siwy's are my favourite.
2. Love a track-pant jean with an elasticated hem. There's a great Diesel pair on asos as well. I think the slim-slouch shape is actually nicer than the boyfriend shape, and I love the pale washes. I might be alone in this though - you can't move for pictures of people in boyfriend jeans, althgouh I haven't seen any out and about on the street yet.
3. Having said that my dark wide leg jeans make me feel mumsy, I can't resist a vintage look. Either of these jeans would make me feel like I was in a movie with Steve McQueen or Paul Newman, and I think that always tells you you're looking at something with exudes class and style.
4. I'm not going to buy a pair of jeggings. But I'm pretty sure that by October I will have some form of shiny legwear. This, unlike #3, will not be an item that exudes class and style, but I will buy it anyway.

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