Wednesday, 11 March 2009


This is almost my favourite trend I think. Boutique designers and a few catwalk designers tend to treat denim like another fabric, and style it in shapes & silhouettes that are totally non-referential to denim heritage. I think this trend has re-influenced denim designers to start using denim for everything else apart from jeans, and take advantage of the different colour options available. I love denim styled in ladylike shapes, and looser, pleated trousers and 1940's suit silhouettes are a strong direction for this - denim makes them edgier whilst these shapes give denim elegance and remove it from skinnies. Fashionistas are returning to suiting, worsteds, tweeds and classics, and denim can be part of this. In particular I love the fact that these pieces will get better with age, unlike almost any other fabric. That dress will fade around the belt, buttons and collar to become something even more special, and more personal.

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