Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Trawling Colette (as you do), and found these jeans and shirts by French label Bleu de Paname. I believe they are a new brand, and Paname is apparently a slang word for Paris. Updated workwear, 'made hand' as Colette would have it, and made in France naturellement. I have fallen in love with their use of stripe. They would go very neatly with the pair of Nike Air Max that I saw the other day, also in a shirting stripe (the Micro Stripe collection), which I have kindly pictured for you below.

The whole thing is reminding me a little bit of a boy I used to love, in about 1993. Air Max were totally the thing, and you couldn't get the good ones in England, so I think he got his friend to bring some back from New York. Being a little bit younger, I didn't know what the cool trainers were, so to me, Air Max are always trainers for cool boys now. And if you added a navy v-neck and the Bleu de Paname striped shirt to the jeans & trainers ensemble, there you would have the boy I loved. Possibly not casting him in the best light, now I think about it...


  1. do you know if those jeans are raw? or anything about then other than that great video?

  2. hello - sorry i didn't reply before - yes, i'm pretty sure they're raw. i know nothing else at all!