Thursday, 9 April 2009


I've been a bit slack about posting things over the last few days, and it's because I've been going through my huge stack of magazine tears and bits of stuff and putting them into sketchbooks. Pictures that I've used for certain inspirations have suddenly mated with other images to create something totally new. Some themes that I always come back to are still turning up like bad pennies. So far, I've roughly gathered things into silhouettes, wash, fabric and accessories, and details, but I haven't stuck anything down yet...

I've taken pictures of some of the spreads I've collated so far, and although the pictures aren't great, I'll post them here for your delectation.

For the first one: Indy 500. Just a clutch of things I've collected over the years that I've loved, and these images have never had a home until today. Love the Jet lightening flash back pockets, my love of bandanas is ever present, flames printed on ragged tees, stars and stripes prints and panelled patchwork fabrics, little bit of a heavy metal/Indy 500 inspiration. Pretty pleased with how it's looking...

As some homework, if you're ever in the area, can I recommend Big Red on the salubrious Holloway Road in North London.

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