Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Another day, another Levi's collaboration. They look good; dry denim, strong graphic, slightly cartoonish feel. Now if the stripe had been woven rather than printed... I'm seeing a bit of a resurgence in dobbies and stripes in denim, not just vintage hickory stripe but more multi-widths and even checks. Kind of a combination of street meets preppy. Looks very cool, and now everyone's obsessed with making denim stand out as much as possible, it gives you denim that looks 'different' in another way entirely from crazy washes and patches and rips.

Source: Freshness


  1. One of the interesting things about Levi's is their diversity. They offer everything from traditional denim goods to "cartoonish" or hip hop inspired pieces.

    With regard to my personal taste, I'm more of an "In Betweener" (How do you like this new term?). I like (and what I try to offer are) jeans who's style straddle that theoretical line between traditional/boring and cartoonish/tacky...jeans that are just interesting enough.

  2. I'd love to see more pictures of your jeans - I really like the unworn/worn shots of your pulsars. I agree with your assessment - you look like you have some pretty modern stitch patterns on the back of some classic dry denims...